What better way to expand a Schoolyard Habitat than to add a new greenhouse?  Maple Avenue Elementary School staff, parents, and students are looking forward to spring when we will be able to assemble and build a new greenhouse in the same place our old recycled-soda-bottle greenhouse once stood.

In addition to the greenhouse, the Schoolyard Habitat Team plans to add more raised garden beds so all grade levels can have hands-on planting experiences and lessons.  Included in the new raised bed additions will be two elevated garden beds so that students of all abilities will be able to access the outdoor gardening and education experience.

The students enjoy helping maintain the flower beds, pollinator garden, blueberry bushes, and the outdoor learning area.  They look forward to lessons held outdoors whether it’s observing seeds, plants, bug life, birds, an occasional toad, or learning in the traditional book and paper style in our outdoor classroom.